Three months of updates for your websiteby

This is by far and away one of our most popular services and you can save nearly 50% on the normal price! Did you know that the consequences of outdated WordPress plugins and themes can be disastrous for your website? Everything from total website loss to redirecting your customers to virus infected web-pages. We can help you avoid that. The problem: As reported by WPScan, 52% of WordPress-related vulnerabilities are caused by outdated WordPress plugins, while outdated WordPress themes cause 11% of the vulnerabilities. One should not be surprised that according to statistics made available by WPBeginner, 86% of hacked WordPress websites contain outdated versions of WordPress plugins and themes. The NearlyPerfect solution: Once your website is up to date (check out our other product "One time website update"), we will add it to the group of websites we monitor daily for updates and carry our any updates necessary for your WordPress site, including plugins and themes.

You are responsible for having valid licences, where applicable, for the plugins and themes you wish to have updated.

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