Special reward for the supporters of the gelateria del Bondiby I Gelati del Bondi

For anyone who cares about our gelateria enough to give such a generous donation, Vetulio prepared a little surprise. With a donation of 1000 euros, Vetulio will create a gelato tailored on you! You'll go to the market with Vetulio, select the ingredients, and assist/participate in the creation of this gelato. And, of course, you will be able to taste it and take some home with you! Once purchased, you will receive all the necessary directions by email, in addition to the list of available dates (of course we guarantee flexibility in case none of the dates works)

The gelato vouchers can be used to purchase gelato at the gelato shop, just show up with the QR code that you will receive by email. Courses are offered both online and in person at our gelato shop: when you buy a course make sure to do it in the way you want to use it. You will then receive instructions on how to book the date by email. The dates on which vouchers and courses can be used are indicated on the products.

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